We are starting a brand-new project within the scope of Rebul Group of Companies’ sustainability efforts.

We are starting a brand-new project within the scope of Rebul Group of Companies’ sustainability efforts.

We are aiming to deliver tree seed balls to hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested. We are aiming to grow 500,000 trees in their natural environment with the technical support by ecording, a social enterprise which is supported by Ministry of Forestry.

You can easily start your planting process by choosing the type of tree you would like to grow from the seeds we have reserved for you by registering with your e-mail address. Moreover, you will be able to follow the growth of your seed ball through your e-mail.

By scanning the QR code on the card that comes with the product you purchased from Atelier Rebul retail and online stores, you can choose the type of tree you want from the seeds we have reserved for you and be a part of the planting process.

Bring your bottle back and let us refill it!

We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the waste we leave to the world. We have been refilling your cologne bottles for 7 years at the stations in our stores. Now, additionally to your personalized colognes, Signature Collection perfumes which you have enjoyed using are refilled for you in our stores. Thus, with your participation, we use less bottles, less caps and less cardboard. And this means less waste for the environment.

Every time you bring your own cologne or your favorite Signature Collection perfume bottles to our stores, you become a part of our sustainability efforts.

We bring our glass bottles back to life!

Within the scope of our sustainability efforts, we collect your used cologne bottles in the “Recycle Bags” at our stores and offer you our refillable customized colognes.

When you bring the empty glass bottles of our 50 ml and 200 ml spray colognes to our stores, we encourage you to switch to refillable colognes. Thus, by benefiting from the advantages we offer for less waste, you are also involved in our less waste movement.

Clean formula for clean planet and clean future!

As Rebul Group of Companies, inspired by nature, we aim to use safe and clean ingredients both for you and for our environment by following science and the latest technology.

What is not used in our formulas is as important to us as the ingredients used; thus, we take care to use vegan ingredients in our formulations, we do not use toxic and harmful chemicals in our products, and we do not include microplastics due to their negative environmental effects.

It's our duty to treat our planet well… Since the day we were founded, we do not test on animals as it is part of our “cruelty free” vision. We focus on; plants & herbs that are essential parts of pharmaceutics, our archives, natural scents, and traditional methods, and aim to create collections of natural and healthy products.

Prefer clean formulas both for yourself and for our World.

Our beloved liquid soaps are more eco-friendly!

My Spa Collection liquid soaps are now in new Refill packages produced with 78% less plastic than 2 standard 250 ml packaging. 4 different scents of refill liquid soaps are waiting to meet you.


We are thankful to Prof. Dr. Levent Kurnaz for supporting us.

While showing our gratitude for planet, we are inspired by the distinguishable leaders and values that carry out research for our future & planet and raise awareness of the society. As one of these key opinion leaders, Prof. Dr. Levent Kurnaz, Boğaziçi University Climate Policy Research Center Director, highlighted the importance of our actions during our press conference for a better world.

“We are the caretakers of the Earth, not its owners. It is our most important duty to deliver this planet to our children in a better and healthier way than we received it.”