125th Anniversary Talks

Muazzez Ilmiye Cig

A devoted historian and distinguished, Muazzez İlmiye Çığ, hosted us in her beautiful home with shelves full of books. She eloquently gave insight into our precious inheritance taking us back to 125 years ago. Together we relived the years of excitement that never faded. We are grateful to have had this experience and would like to express our sincere thanks to her once again. Please enjoy!


From us, and from a worldly inspiring musician, Karsu… Atelier Rebul extended the microphone to her to tell you more about our 125th Anniversary. In Pera Palace’s captivating ball room we listened to Karsu tell us about herself and then our brand to you using her warm and genuine remarks. We are grateful to have embarked on this journey with Karsu to portray our brand’s new and youthful outlook. Thank you Karsu. The full interview link can be found in our profile. Please enjoy!

We feel lucky to have had the chance to celebrate 125 years of our brand stemming from our alluring roots. As Rebul Companies partners we want to give you first-hand insight into our brand. After 125 years, we are delighted to pay tribute to an extraordinary past and herald an exceptional future. Our excitements and efforts grow with your valuable contributions. Our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all for supporting us in all endeavors to date.

Nuket Filiba

Kerim Muderrisoğlu

Korel Bingol