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Palo Santo Wish Kit Bordeaux

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"Palo Santo: “holy wood of the saints” is a fallen wood from a sweet, fragrant tree that grows in South America. The story of the ancient tree Palo Santo stretches from ancient Inca mythology to the present day. Endemic to the coastlines of South America, its citrus-pine scented wood is believed to have healing and cleansing properties.Atelier Rebul is happy to present you with the Palo Santo Wish Kit to help you rid of old negative energies and fill your living spaces with clean, positive energy this new year. With the incense sticks specially brought to you from Peru, whether it is Love, Health or Joy, we hope that you achieve all you wish for. The flower of life is made up of 12 parts, symbolizing the 12 months of the year. With your moon-shaped Palo Santo incense burner, the symbol provides a powerful point of focus to your Palo Santo rituals.The wood used in the Atelier Rebul Palo Santo Kit are all extracted from dead trees. No living tree is felled for this product. Choose your wish: LOVE, JOY, HEALTH"
3 adet Palo Santo tütsü çubuğu, Palo Santo tütsülüğü.
Palo Santo çubuklarınızı ucundan 30 saniye boyunca tutuşturun. Yanan ateşi üfleyerek çıkan dumanın yayılmasına izin verin. Palo Santo özel kokusunu yayarken kendi özel tütsülüğünde konumlandırabilirsiniz. Palo Santo yavaş yanan bir ağaç oldugundan bir çubuğu bir çok kez kullanabilirsiniz.