Mehmet Müderrisoglŭ

  • “I have personally formulated all of the skin care products at Atelier Rebul. I don’t like imitations, so I have created everything by hand and on my own, using my knowledge and experience as a pharmacist. I use only the best raw materials and rely on medical research to determine the exact quantities that should be used in each of my formulations.”

    “You could say that innovation is in my blood. My father was a well-reputed pharmacist and he owned one of the first pharmaceutical production factories in Turkey. He was very dedicated to our education. My brothers and I all worked in the pharmacy after school, and he ensured that I always broadened my understanding of our profession by training with some of the leading companies in Europe.”

    “The important thing was that I could take the experience I gained from working with these companies and use it to drive innovation and product development in our business. My first year I worked with Dynamit Noble, where I learned how to use emulsifiers. This turned out to be quite serendipitous, as my father was working on a cream that kept separating. I was able to use the knowledge I acquired at Dynamit Noble to create the perfect cream.”

    “The second year, I learned how to prepare gelly products, and I developed an anti-acne product that sold quite well. My third year I worked in Switzerland at Givaudan, where I learned how to make colognes. I then returned home and prepared a lemon fresh cologne, which proved to be a very popular fragrance in our pharmacy.”

  • Mehmet MüderrisoglŭWe sold thousands in the first year alone. My fourth year was spent with Hoescht, where I learned more about cosmetic production. I then developed a shampoo that is prescribed by dermatologists throughout Turkey. And my career has continued in much the same way. Always learning, always seeking out new methods and new applications, all to create unique formulations that meet the needs of my customers.”

    “Over the course of my career, I have had many wonderful opportunities. But none means more to me than the joy of seeing my son, Kerim, work so diligently to fulfill my dream of Atelier Rebul. He has found in Korel and Nuket the perfect base for a wonderful cooperation. Family is important in our business, and I am so pleased to see how these three work so well together, forming a bond that is so true to our Pharmacy’s heritage. Now my full concentration is on being the best, most innovative product developer I can be. Atelier Rebul will have the most innovative products. That is my professional promise.”

Kerim Müderrisoglŭ

Kerim Müderrisoglŭ

“I basically grew up in my father’s pharmacy and factory. Our legendary lavender cologne was a part of my life, not just because it was created by my family, but because it had become such a large part of Turkish culture as well. I also inherited my father’s sense of ambition and vision. I began to think about how we could take our products to new generations and cultures. I believe that could be my contribution to our family legacy – bringing our tradition of quality, innovation and craftsmanship to customers around the world.”

Nüket Filiba

  • “I have always been passionate about cosmetics. Perfume, hair care, skincare, have always been fascinating to me. But in the beginning, they were just that, a passion, an interest. Then I moved to Paris at the age of 22. I discovered the Parisiens’ cosmetic shops, and what had been a temperate fascination began to grow into something more. I believed I was born to work with cosmetics. I returned to Istanbul and started working for L’oreal Turkey. Suddenly, what had been my passion, became my profession. And I loved my job. After a few years, however, I begin to realize that corporate life wasn’t for me. I was an entrepreneur, a creator and I wanted more than my cubicle’s four walls. And then I met Kerim and Korel.”

    “I knew the Rebul Pharmacy, both for its products and its reputation. The Authentic Rebul Eau de Cologne had been a part of my childhood, as it was my grandfather’s favourite. Mehmet’s approach of hand-crafting clean formulations appealed to me on a personal level.

  • Nüket FilibaDuring my time living in Los Angeles, I learned a lot about herbs, raw food, clean eating and healthy living. It occurred to me that we should be just as conscious of what we put on our skin, as we are of what we put in our bodies. The concept of clean eating can easily be applied to clean and safe skincare. And that is my goal for Atelier Rebul – to create artisan cosmetics using the same methods and approach the Rebul Pharmacy has been using since 1895.”

Kerim Müderrisoglŭ

Korel Bingöl

“My family has always had a strong emotional connection to the Rebul family brand. My mother, like most women in Istanbul, was a big fan of their handmade skin care products. Growing up in the early 1960s, Rebul Lavender was an essential part of my life in Istanbul. It was a popular fragrance among gentlemen and you could smell hints of lavender in the air as you walked through the streets of Beyoğlu. I would often visit the Rebul Pharmacy to pick up skin care products for my mother and Rebul Lavender for my father. The pharmacy is/was located in Pera, the premier entertainment and shopping district on the European side of Istanbul. We lived on the Asian side, so the trips over to Pera were like opportunities to explore another world. I would seize the chance to roam the district together with my friends, and those trips were always connected with a sense of wonder and excitement.”

“I believe nothing in life happens by chance. So it only seems right that after more than 30 years of working in the textile and fashion industry, I met Kerim Müderrisoğlu in 2003. And now I am a partner, working to build the company that has been my dream brand from childhood.”

Nüket Filiba
Love for beauty is innate. No one has taught me what is beautiful. I see it, I feel it, I experience it. – Nüket Filiba

Knowledge can only benefit if it is shared

It all started with our founder, Jean Cesar Reboul, taking on the young Kemal Müderrisoglu as his apprentice. In the generations that followed, each apprentice was trained by his father while attending university. The young pharmacists were then sent to work for other respected pharmacists across Europe to improve their skills and broaden their understanding of their profession. This love of knowledge sharing goes both ways, as the Rebul Pharmacy in Istanbul has hosted many great pharmacists from around the world, who have travelled there to be inspired and learn at the hands of their accomplished colleagues.

Over a century of dedication

We have been crafting skincare and fragrance products since 1895. The knowledge we have acquired during that time has been meticulously passed on from generation to generation. With our roots as a local pharmacy also comes a unique bond with our customers. We’ve been servicing some of the same families for decades. Our long history means we have a loyalty to our customers that comes from caring for their personal needs for generations.

The tradition lives on in Atelier Rebul

Our legacy is about mentoring, family and the value of personal relationships. It’s about a willingness to learn and to teach, about shared passions and about allowing that passion and curiosity to drive innovation. We want to build on the foundation Mr. Reboul laid over 120 years ago. Thus when deciding to expand beyond the borders of Turkey, we wanted to make sure we could do so while remaining true to who we are. We strive to maintain an environment where we can pass on our knowledge and expertise to our staff, so that all Atelier Rebul customers, regardless of where they visit us, will experience the same level of personal attention and expertise that has characterized our pharmacy for generations.
An Artisan

An artisan approach for the modern customer

All of our formulas are created in our own lab and produced in our own factory. We use the same methods that have been modernised to work with today’s technology. Since the Pharmacy’s inception in 1895, the Rebul pharmacists have developed over 1,500,000 formulations for medical and cosmetic use. Favouring custom solutions to mass market productions, each pharmacist worked closely with customers to address their individual needs, using a unique blend of science and natural ingredients. This tradition is carried on in Atelier Rebul. We use our knowledge of pharmacy to select the most effective plant extracts. Plant ingredients like lavender, ginger, witch hazel leaf, camelia sinensis and rose extracts have stood the test of time, and we have had the opportunity to observe how these ingredients have helped our customers over the years.

Every ingredient has a purpose

We believe there is an essential connection between nature and pharmacology. Within nature lies the secrets and cures to many of the things that ail us. From the very beginning, pharmacology has been about making the most of natural ingredients. We take the traditional mortar and pestle knowledge and methods that are an essential part of pharmacy, and use them to create formulas that benefit our customers. Do we only use natural ingredients? No. However, each ingredient we use, whether naturally-occurring or a pharmaceutical compound, has a purpose. We know why it’s there and it’s been chosen specifically because it benefits our customers. Because it brings something unique and beneficial to the skin. For example, we don’t use any mineral oil or parabens. Our hair care products contain broccoli extract, which is excellent for protecting hair follicles against pollution and other environmental free radicals. Our products use ingredients like green tea extract, which detoxes the senses, and Erguvan, a delicate floral scent that feels you with a sense of joy and lightens your mood. This sense of care and deliberation can be seen in our production methods as well. Take, for example, our iconic lavender cologne. Every year, lavender flowers are carefully selected from fields in Grasse (Southern France) before sunrise and then distilled to release the lavender oil that forms the basis for the cologne. The timing of this meticulous process is no coincidence. Lavender is a very delicate plant to harvest, and the flowers must be collected before sunrise. The result is a cologne that captures lavender in its purest form, preserving the scent’s natural soothing properties.