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Apple & Cinnamon Reed Diffuser 200 ml-Limited Edition
A warm fragrance that is excitedly anticipated every year, prepared in limited numbers for the new year: Apple & Cinnamon. Combining scents of cinnamon spices with the freshness of apples, this special collection consisting of candles and reed diffuser will fill your home with the warm and cozy holiday spirit..Enriched in high levels of natural oils, a festive fragrance..While making a decorative addition to your home in its chic design, its aroma will diffuse very quickly in the surrounding environment changing your homes atmosphere. Enriched with high quality vegetable wax. Burning time is approximately 45 hours. NOTES: Red apple, pear, orange, lemon, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, white musk.
Cineole, Eugenol, Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Caryophyllene.
Remove the product from the packaging and take the black cap out by unscrewing it. Place the special sticks (included), inside the bottle and wait twelve hours for the sticks to absorb the scent and spread out to the entire environment. Reversing the sticks once a week is recommended. You may set the desired fragrance level by adjusting the sticks. Do not burn the sticks. Once you have opened the product, do not put the stopper back on. Mind the liquid on wooden surfaces and other furniture while reversing the sticks.